The secret to 100 years of Liladhar Pasoo Group

The secret to 100 years of Liladhar Pasoo Group

Over the last few months, since our Centennial Event, people keep asking me what’s my mantra or secret to having sustained in the market for over a century.
There is no ‘mantra’ or ‘secret’ as such. There’s just one word. FAMILY.

We, at Liladhar Pasoo, are a close-knit family with core values of understanding and respect. We should forget ‘I’ and embrace ‘We’ in all our endeavours. It is this thought that propels my confidence and enthusiasm in taking Liladhar Pasoo to newer heights.

Let me tell you a story –
A man came to Mumbai from Kutch in Gujarat with a dream and started a business. With a strong ambition and undeterred will, the man built his company. That man was my grandfather, Shri Pasoobhai Shah. His struggle, his intellect and moreover, his devotion to his family and values that he lived with, are what inspire me the most. Today, when I see the next generation of Liladhar Pasoo Group following the same values, it brings a sense of pride in me. Honesty, Hard work and Best Services are keys to success and a benchmark for future sustainable growth. This is what is deeply imbibed in Liladhar Pasoo Groups’ philosophy.

Many people ask me, how I manage the next generation at Liladhar Pasoo Group. I always say the next generation entering the business is more energetic, innovative, intelligent and more adapting to the changing business and social environments. We need to only accept and understand them, they will be the strong foundation pillars of our future. This is nothing new but our Indian culture and philosophy which my grandfather has strongly instilled in us and we follow it till date. Family and Professionalism must always work together this will solely ensure success.

 To conclude, I would like to say that Liladhar Pasoo is ready for the future. With a young mindset latched firmly onto strong family values we have always been bound to, we stand all set to take on the logistics world with a newfound vigour. Because, we are Liladhar Pasoo, and we are the future!
Devendra Shah
Director, Liladhar Pasoo

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