Operational excellence

For us, time saved is money earned!


Challenge given in the scope:

50 containers exported to Brazil and rejected by their port authorities for infected packing, materials same to be imported into India, destuff the good, destroy the infected wooden pallets, repacking by fumigated pallets and shipping back within 70 days from the date of shipment from Brazil.

Our Achievement:

We advised the complete shipment to reach our unit at FTWZ, Nhava Sheva, where we planned to execute the complete operation given in the scope, while others had submitted the conventional import and reexport procedure and cost

Our Proposal holistically covered not only the aspect of logistics handling and operations but also envisaged the complexities of the procedures laid down by the customs and RBI for such operational requirements. This helped us to complete the shipment process within allotted 70 days. We had  net 21 calendar days  to complete the operational after deduction of 39 days  transition time from Brazil port to Nhava Sheva port.

We dedicated a team to work closely along with the shippers, engineers and ensure safe handling, proper packaging  & stuffing of good into then container, the team worked round the clock against all the challenges of port zone and festival of just to ensure the time commitment been delivered to summarise calling at the FTWZ reduced the clearance time, supported  by the zone authorities  who gave us the dedicated location to complete such humongous scale of compliances, handling and engineering execution.

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