Immaculate Handling

Immaculate Handling

Challenge given in scope :

In 2013, MIAL took over the task of renovating the already in-service Terminal 2 of Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. Products like tiles, frisking cabins, claddings, IT equipment’s etc were sourced from across the globe. But most difficult of all was the handling of GRFS slabs from OT containers into our warehouse and then placing it on welding table as per planning. This carried a penalty for even a small chip off of the slab.

Our Achievement:

We constructed a heightened 18 ft ingress / outgress entrance making it easy to pick the slabs from the top of OT container by a Hydra. This was placed in stacking space and would be picked up for wielding of two slabs into one big structure.

This was to get picked and carefully be placed on low bed trailer for onward dispatch to the airport site.

Right from assembly to loading these big structures on flatbed trucks with the help of hydra and cranes was a task that no other was doing in the warehousing sector at that time. Precision with safety was of utmost importance to move these huge structures.

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